Thoughts and School

So I’m planning to go to school the 12th for my Masters in Mental Health Administration. The problem isDailyThoughtsuccesshappiness I’m not 100% sure that is what I  want to do.  I’ve thought about so many different areas of interest to study, and really want to go with Psychology because its very interesting to me. I would like to help people one day to overcome their issues, and to understand the cause of many mental issues. Administration is a great start to that but I feel like I will be spending more time in an office pushing paperwork rather then helping people. I’m so confused as what to do.  Maybe I should hold off and get my life organized before I rush into anything like that.

There is a lot of changes going on right now; fixing the house up to move, business going slow, everything seems dysfunctional. I’m really looking forward to the move, and to meet new people and hopefully make some friends. Rock Hill is ok but there is nothing to do and the people here are in a way very stuck up. There is Charlotte but I don’t like driving there alone esp at night to go to a bar and drink. I try making friends but it seems to never go well.  I have a couple good friends that I can talk to but we don’t really hang out just talk.


Welcome! My first blog post!

Zach ThomasHello and welcome to my awesome new blog! This is a place for me to express myself and my views of the world. Let me restate that one more time. this is a place for me to express MYSELF and MY VIEWS of the world. If you are offended by what I have to say please put your big girl panties on stop believing the world revolves around you, the breaking news is it doesn’t. My goals in this blog is to explore many topics that interest me or is a major event in the world. I’m hoping as I go on with this blog they get better and I get better at writing them. If you have any ideas for topics please feel free to submit them through my contact me page. I want to do a mixture of post formats including, Videos, Quotes, Pictures, Audio, Images, links and more. Hope to make it fun and exciting as I can.  Hope you enjoy and keep checking back for me exiting blogs. Quick last note: Some post may require a password these are usually private notes that only some people will have the password, do not ask me for it, as if you need it I will give it to you myself.

Happy Reading!

Zach T.